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Technology: Changing the way we build 02/06/20

Technology: Changing the way we build


In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone and are connected to the internet 24/7. People take advantage of new and improving technology to make their lives easier and more efficient.  As the world around us continues to evolve, the construction industry is also jumping on the technology bandwagon. Many new advancements in technology have created safer and more organized construction sites. Thanks to these improvements, buildings are going up quickly and more frequently across the country.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, new technology is being used to ensure the safety of the job sites and its workers. Devices such as drones, sensors and wearable technology are now being used to constantly monitor ongoing construction and immediately alert first responders of accidents if they occur.

New robots continue to be developed to perform tasks throughout construction. Some robots already in use include Construction Robotics’ SAM100 masonry robot, which automatically lays bricks along facades at a rate as high as 3,000 bricks per day. Robots are also being used to spray insulation foam, demolish buildings and layer concrete at exponential speeds. Some construction managers are even using drones to lay bricks, in addition to monitoring and analyzing the safety of sites.

It is no surprise that Drone technology is one of the most popular new advancements that the construction industry is taking advantage of. Following the FAA’s newly established rules regarding drone usage, they have become commonplace on job sites. The uses of drones vary, but they have become increasingly popular for inspecting construction while workers are on and off site. 

While workers are on site, drones can be used to monitor progress, the workers themselves, and identify any potential hazards that may be present. In addition to monitoring workers throughout the day, during off construction hours, the drones can be used to capture project photos and create a visual timeline of the construction as it occurs.

With the advancement in drone technology, it might not be long before we see more job sites utilizing the aircraft to assist with physical labor such as transporting and placing materials.

Site sensor technology has advanced rapidly over recent years. Many construction sites are now being fitted with sensors that help monitor multiple factors that can impact construction. These sensors track things like noise, temperature, and can also detect chemical exposure.

The purpose of site sensors is to minimize risk and increase safety on site. In a situation where there is a hazardous situation on site (fire, chemical exposure, etc) workers can be alerted immediately, preventing any further issues and ensuring a safe environment.

Another technology being utilized for the construction industry are “Wearables”. The Apple Watch© and Fitbit© aren’t the only “Wearables” that are changing people’s lives.  Workers in the construction industry are getting familiar with these devices as they are becoming a standard. From hard hats, clothing, and other wearable accessories, new technology can monitor the worker and their immediate surroundings. They are able to recognize any changes occurring and alert the worker if necessary. The ultimate goal is to keep the people and sites safe.

Using new and emerging technology, construction managers are already able to 3D print building structures, saving significant time and money and vastly improving site safety with significantly fewer moving parts. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers recently announced they have created a robot that can 3D print a building structure in under 14 hours. In the near future, more robots will be developed, and processes such as interior finishing will be automated, helping counter the growing construction worker shortage and making construction sites safer for years to come.

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Callahan is a full-service construction company serving the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. They provide a wide range of preconstruction and construction management services and execute large- and small-scale building projects for clients in multiple markets. With extensive experience, dedication to strong partnerships, and the ability to provide enhanced services that the competition can’t, Callahan consistently delivers solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. It’s why they’re known as one of the leading open shop firms in New England.


 Callahan Inc. has been in the construction business for over twenty years. The company is actually a successor to a family business that goes back over sixty years. The company was founded on the principles of integrity, quality, service, customer satisfaction and outstanding project management. They take great pride in their ability to deliver fast-track projects on schedule and within budget while maintaining a safe and orderly work environment. Callahan has gained an excellent reputation for their ability to resolve the most complex issues through their partnering approach to the construction process. As a testament to Callahan's success in this effort, they find that a majority of their work comes from repeat clients.

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