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GB Property Management is a full service property management company with over 17 years of experience in the property management field.  Their diverse portfolio includes condos, multi and single family homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties. GB Property Management has developed a client base by caring for both landlord and resident and treating them with integrity & respect. Their number one goal is to protect the owner's real estate investment while maximizing its potential. 

GB Property Management is owned and managed by Declan O'Toole. Declan specializes in the management of investor-owned multi-family residential properties and luxury condo complexes in the Boston area. Declan has extensive experience in liaising with landlords, vendors, tenants, tradespeople and letting negotiators. He has also launched several new buildings, advising on pricing, staging and marketing.  He has been able to successfully grow his property portfolio without compromising service levels by focusing on:

Reducing outgoings
Repairing dilapidations
Evaluating property
Tenant engagement
Managing investment properties
Apartment management
Resident retention
Resident relations
Setting priorities
Rent collection
Ensuring legal compliance
Providing accurate financial reporting

GB Property Management offers a LOW FEE guarantee and responds to 99% of tenant issues within 30 minutes. Their management services are designed so that your role as the owner is only to sit back and relax.

GB Property Management Group Overview

Address: 1 Cambridge Street
# of Projects: 5
Area of Work: Boston, New Boston, and Winchester
Work in Sectors: Retail and Housing
Established: 2001

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Dollar Volume : **************
Current Project Status : *********************
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Nov 02, 2021

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May 04, 2021

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Sep 13, 2020

Framing Ongoing for Dorchester Multi-Family


Apr 20, 2020

Interior Finishing Ongoing for Allegro in Winchester


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105 West Third Street, Boston, MA, 02127
123 Centre Street, Boston, MA, 02124
40 Elmwood Avenue, Winchester, MA, 01890
364 West Broadway, Boston, MA, 02127
902 2nd Street, New Boston, IL, 61272


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