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Stoss is a cutting-edge design firm that believes in the productive role of landscape in the making and re-making of cities and social spaces.

We specialize in urban and landscape revitalization. We design public spaces, cities, and landscapes to respond and adapt to changes in climate, demographics, and economies. We advise on project strategies for clients thinking about what's next. We research new applications for technologies, infrastructures, and ecologies in ways that transform people's experiences. We imagine new possibilities, creating value and vibrancy in challenging places.

We work primarily in the public realm, regardless of whether our clients are cities, public agencies, institutions, or private interests. And we're involved in projects of many kinds: urban and campus and ecological spaces; regional and urban strategies; multi-scale landscape infrastructures; development and re-development projects; parks and open spaces; furnishings and exhibitions.

We're landscape architects and urbanists. More than that, we're thinkers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. We ask questions, and we look for non-conventional solutions:
How do you make nature in the city?
How do you manufacture ecologies that bring urban spaces back to life?
How do you design social spaces that take on a life of their own?

We are as interested in how projects work for people and clients as we are in what they look like. We believe it's possible to be both inventive and pragmatic, beautiful and functional. And we're interested in simple technical efficiencies and hybrid solutions that can do many things at the same time—most importantly enriching the lives and experiences of people.

We've been lucky enough to be recognized for our work nationally and internationally—recently being awarded the National Design Award in Landscape Architecture. We have also been honored both by leading design journals (Progressive Architecture Award and Topos International Landscape Award) and by place-based organizations (Top Honor Award for Waterfront Design by the Waterfront Center). We've won numerous awards from organizations such as the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Boston Society of Architects, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, for both built and speculative projects. Our work and thinking have been published in a monograph titled StossLU by C3 of Korea; Source Books in Landscape Architecture 7; the Landscape Urbanism Reader; Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Topos; PRAXIS; and numerous other periodicals in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


South Boston Power Plant
- Aug 27, 2019

Updated Plans for South Boston Power Plant Reduce Residential and Add Lab Space In a supplemental information filing, Redgate and Hilco Global have revealed updated plans for the South Boston Power Plant redevelopment. The overall project has been reduced in size by 150,000 square feet and the mix of uses has been re-balanced with a focus on commercial uses. The number of proposed housing units is reduced by almost half from 1,344 units to 750. Office space has been increased from 368,000 to 470,000 square feet and 330,000 square feet of R&D space has also been added to plans.  The updated plans also address the community concerns about parking, by providing an increased residential parking ratio on-site of one space per unit. The Project will also provide 120 parking spaces to neighborhood residents on nights and weekends at a discounted rate within the parking garages in the commercial buildings. According to the filing, the project will be developed in multiple phases spanning an approximately 10 to 15-year period, with demolition commencement anticipated in late 2019. After the completion of the site demolition and remediation, Phase 1A, will prioritize the construction of low-rise residential along East 1st Street and the renovation of Turbine Hall 3 on East 1st Street into office. The remaining two Turbine Halls will be renovated to an interim condition for public events and activities.

South Boston Power Plant
- Aug 17, 2018

Redgate and Hilco Submit Updated Plans for South Boston Power Plant Redgate and Hilco have submitted updated plans to the city for their redevelopment of the South Boston Power Plant site.  The new plans call for reduced square footage and building height, along with a more advanced design of pedestrian walkways, and innovative transportation options.  The developers will also now preserve the 1898 Building. Total square footage has been reduced from 2.1 million to 1.93 with unit count coming down to 1,344, from 1,588 in the original plan.  Building height is also being reduced, the tallest part of the project would now stand at 200 ft instead of 206 ft.   The developers are also exploring a partnership with the MBTA to bring supplemental bus service to the area.  The proposal calls for a gradual build-out of the project over 12-15 years.  

Suffolk Downs
- Mar 14, 2018

Phase I of Suffolk Downs redevelopment moves forward, bringing 520,000 square feet of office space to East BostonLive: 1.4 acres of open space, 2,500 square foot community space in building/plazaWork: 2,500 office jobs, 400 construction jobsConnect: 100 low-emission parking spaces, 19-dock bikeshare stationSize: 520,000 square feetSuffolk Downs Phase I represents a 1,092,655 square-foot portion of the larger 4,756,315 square foot parcel known as Suffolk Downs. Phase I includes 520,000 square feet of office space, in two approximately 260,000 square foot buildings, with supporting corporate space on the ground floor. Both buildings will be approximately 124 feet tall, and will include terraced outdoor spaces with a landscaped, open-air walkway between the two buildings. The two buildings will share approximately 500 parking spaces. Approximately 12 acres of existing open space will remain as-is, and approximately 1.4 acres of new open space will be developed, including pedestrian access to the adjacent Suffolk Downs MBTA Blue Line station.The buildings will be designed with energy conservation measures to achieve an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of 44 compared to 59 for conventional buildings, resulting in an approximate 24 percent energy usage savings and an approximate 22 percent reduction in stationary source greenhouse gas emissions. The project will integrate the stormwater management system into the open space network, to address potential increases in storm intensity due to anticipated climate change, in accordance with recent Boston Water and Sewer Commission guidance.The project will include approximately 2,500 square feet of community space for use by the East Boston community, as well as a historical display commemorating the history of Suffolk Downs.To increase safety at the vehicular entrance to the site, the site entrance at Route 1A and Tomasello Drive (a private onsite drive) will be improved to physically deter illegal left turns from the site onto Route 1A headed southbound, through construction of a barrier/extension of the existing Route 1A median, in partnership with MassDOT.The project will result in a payment of nearly $3.5M in linkage funds for the Neighborhood Housing Trust, and nearly $700,000 for the Neighborhood Jobs Trust, to create affordable housing and workforce development opportunities.

Suffolk Downs
- Dec 03, 2017

16.5 million square feet of development envisioned at Suffolk Downs A total of 16.5 million square feet of office, residential, hotel and retail space would be constructed at the 161-acre Suffolk Downs site in East Boston and Revere per newly revealed project plans. Approximately 11 million square feet of development would be located in Boston, with 5.5 million square feet located in Revere. New buildings up to 220 feet high would be constructed over a 15 to 20 year period, with construction of the first phase, two 260,000-square-foot office buildings located adjacent to the Suffolk Downs MBTA Blue Line station with up to 520 parking spaces, potentially starting as soon as early 2018 if Amazon chooses Suffolk Downs as the site for its’ second headquarters. If Amazon selects Suffolk Downs, the only Boston-area site under single ownership that could accommodate Amazon’s desire for up to eight million square feet of office space with direct access to public transportation and proximity to an international airport, a total of eight million square feet of office space would be constructed at Suffolk Downs, in addition to 7,500 residential units, 830 hotel rooms and 550,000 square feet of retail likely including Whole Foods, Amazon Go, Amazon Books and other Amazon retail lines. A second, more residential-centric proposed development program would construct 5.25 million square feet of office space, 10,000 residential units, 670 hotel rooms and 450,000 square feet of retail. Under both project plans, 40 acres of Suffolk Downs, approximately 25% of the site, would be comprised of open space, with elements including an approximately 15-acre central common, a landscaped amphitheater and active and passive recreation areas scattered throughout. Newly revealed renderings of the Suffolk Downs development are posted above. Suffolk Downs developer The HYM Investment Group has filed plans for Suffolk Downs with the Cities of Boston and Revere, who are now reviewing the proposed project.

Suffolk Downs
- Nov 09, 2017

HYM begins city review process for Suffolk Downs development in East Boston The HYM Investment Group has filed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the City of Boston to develop the 161-acre Suffolk Downs site in East Boston, which has emerged in recent weeks as a leading potential location for Amazon’s second headquarters, revealing new details of HYM’s vision for the site and formally starting the development’s official review process. HYM intends to construct active uses throughout the site, including residences, retail, office and lab space and hotel space. A 40-acre publicly-accessible open space system would be constructed, as would two new retail squares, Beachmont Square and Belle Isle Square, and a new “Main Street” retail district. The proposed development would create new connections to East Boston and Revere, and encourage use of the adjacent MBTA Blue Line with a walkable fabric. Bicycle paths and Hubway stations would also be created. The Suffolk Downs development would be constructed in phases over a 15 to 20 year period, likely costing over $1 billion. Approximately 11 million square feet of development would be constructed in Boston alone; approximately 109 acres of the site is in East Boston, with approximately 52 acres in Revere. In the event that Suffolk Downs is chosen by Amazon as the location for its’ second headquarters, a 500,000-square-foot office building with ground-floor retail space, and related infrastructure and open space improvements, would be delivered by the end of 2019. “Redevelopment of the [Suffolk Downs] site provides a unique opportunity to create additional housing, spur economic development and improve connections between several adjoining neighborhoods,” said HYM Managing Director Tom O’Brien in a prepared statement. Through constructing a mixed-use, transit-oriented district at Suffolk Downs, O’Brien aims to make the site “attractive to employers of growing industries, which will enhance and expand job creation and economic opportunity.” The BPDA is now reviewing HYM’s proposed plans for Suffolk Downs. Additional details will be revealed in a Project Notification Form (PNF) filing in the coming months. HYM’s proposed development will also undergo review by the City of Revere.

Suffolk Downs
- May 30, 2017

HYM closes on Suffolk Downs acquisition for $155 millionThe HYM Investment Group has closed on its' acquisition of the 161-acre Suffolk Downs property in East Boston for $155 million. The sale amounts to $962,732.92 per acre. Bank of the Ozarks provided $80 million in financing towards HYM's acquisition. Seller Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLC acquired the property in July 1997 for $39,734,500, or $246,798.14 per acre.

South Boston Power Plant
- May 17, 2017

Detailed South Boston Power Plant redevelopment plans revealed Developers Redgate and Hilco Global have revealed detailed plans of the proposed 2.1-million-square-foot South Boston Power Plant redevelopment. In total, 1,588 residential units, 339,639 square feet of office space, a 150-key hotel, and 68,077 square feet of retail and restaurant space, in addition to 987 above-and-below-grade parking spaces, are proposed at the site. Eight new buildings would be constructed at the site, and three existing turbine halls would be rehabilitated; building heights would range from 44 to 220 feet. More information about the latest proposed power plant redevelopment plans is posted above. Plans for the proposed project have been filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), who is now reviewing the project.

South Boston Power Plant
- Apr 25, 2017

2.1 million square foot development envisioned at South Boston power plant site Proponents Redgate and Hilco Global have revealed new details of the upcoming development of the 15.2-acre Edison power plant site on Summer Street in South Boston. In total, per a Letter of Intent filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), 2.1 million square feet of residential, office, hotel, retail and restaurant space would be developed, along with parking.The proposed project would provide South Boston with an inviting new gateway. Eight new multi-story buildings would be constructed, and three architecturally-significant turbine halls, which run end-to-end through the site’s center, would be rehabilitated. The turbine hall would become the project’s “heart and soul.”The proposed development would be constructed over the next 10 to 15 years. The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) is now reviewing the proposal. Additional information and newly revealed renderings are posted above.

Suffolk Downs
- Mar 05, 2017

Developer HYM buying 161-acre Suffolk Downs site in East Boston The HYM Investment Group, the developer behind Bulfinch Crossing and other major Boston development projects, reportedly has a deal to acquire the 161-acre Suffolk Downs horse racing track site in East Boston. The Boston Globe reports that HYM could close on the acquisition by this summer. A sale price for the site has not yet been revealed.

South Boston Power Plant
- Nov 16, 2016

South Boston Power Plant development preparations underway Preparations are underway for the development of the 18-acre South Boston Power Plant site, located at the intersection of Summer and First streets in South Boston. The last remaining electricity generator has been lifted out of the power plant building, bringing 120 years of electricity generation to a close and allowing development to proceed: Last generator lifted out of New Boston Generating Station. 120 years of electricity generation on L Street, South Boston, comes to a close.— Exelon Generation (@ExelonGen) November 15, 2016

South Boston Power Plant
- Oct 02, 2016

Mixed-use development envisioned for South Boston Power Plant site Developers Hilco Global and Redgate, who acquired the 18-acre South Boston Power Plant site in April 2016 for $24.25 million, envision developing housing, office space, retail and a possible hotel at the site according to a Banker & Tradesman report. The developers are studying how to lay out new buildings on the site and are looking to preserve some historic buildings; the main power plant building will likely not be preserved. “We’re definitely looking to keep some buildings or at least a building, but probably not the big one,” said Redgate principal Ralph Cox. “To our knowledge it has no redeeming value, but there are a building or two that if structural or marketplace conditions dictate, we’re looking to assess that and see if it’s possible.” The developers have hired SGA as a land planner and Geosyntec as an environmental consultant. One of the primary goals of the developers is to encourage public access to the Boston Harbor waterfront. “We have to find the right balance to connect to the neighborhood and really open up the waterfront that hasn’t been open for the last 100 years,” said Cox. The development team hopes to file formal plans for the South Boston Power Plant project with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) in Early 2017.

South Boston Power Plant
- Apr 26, 2016

South Boston power plant sale closes for $24.25 millionThe sale of the South Boston Power Plant to a development partnership of Redgate and Hilco Global closed today for $24.25 million per a deed recorded in the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds. The following is the recorded deed:   More information about the South Boston Power Plant is posted below.

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