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Established 1987
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Samiotes Consultants, Inc. is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Our design philosophy is to integrate the client’s vision such that the final product is sustainable both economically and environmentally. Samiotes’ work experience is diverse, ranging from state-of-the-art site infrastructure designs to sophisticated land use feasibility assessments. Working for decades with and for renowned architects, landscape architects, institutions, and clients, Samiotes Consultants creates the beginning that is the foundation of our successful projects.


Corcoran Management Company
- Mar 04, 2019

26 West Broadway Acquired for $25 Million

Corcoran Management Company has acquired the mixed-use development at 22-26 West Broadway in South Boston for $25 million.

26 West Broadway is one Red Line stop from South Station or a scenic 15-minute walk downtown via trendy Fort Point, home to several hip restaurants and art galleries as well as a number of tech startups. 26 West Broadway features one level of underground parking, as well as high-end condo-grade finishes and specs throughout. The building places a strong emphasis upon communal space, including a library, a wet bar, a courtyard with a grilling area and a roof deck.

Artists for Humanity
- Nov 19, 2018

Interior Finishing Wrapping up for The Artists for Humanity Expansion

Interior Finishing is wrapping up for The Artists for Humanity Expansion in South Boston. The 30,000 sf addition will provide additional space for events, programming, and education.  With this additional space, the organization will be able to double the number of young people it employs to over 500. The expanded facility will also be Boston's first energy-positive building, producing more energy than it uses. 


Behnisch Architekten
- Aug 07, 2018

Exterior Work Progresses on The Artists for Humanity Expansion

Work continues on the exterior of the 30,000 square foot expansion of The Artists for Humanity's headquarters in South Boston. The expansion facility will be Boston's first energy-positive building, producing more energy than it uses. The new space will also allow the organization to provide additional space for events, programming, education, and creativity and increase the number of young people the organization can employ to over 500.

Once complete the Artists for Humanity will launch the Liberty Mutual Career Center which will train youth in skills necessary for building trades success and support youth in union apprenticeships. 

Artists for Humanity

Artists for Humanity Expansion
- Mar 07, 2018

The Artists for Humanity Expansion broke ground back in July of 2017 and is well on its way to completion.  Take a look at the video below showing what the expansion will entail when its finished.  


248 Dorchester Avenue
- Oct 04, 2017

Renderings revealed of proposed South Boston boutique hotel near Broadway Station

Renderings of a proposed eight-story boutique hotel at 248 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston, located steps from Broadway Station, have been revealed. The hotel would feature a main six-story section containing 159 rooms and ground-floor retail space, topped off by two set-back stories containing amenities including event space and a publicly accessible restaurant/lounge connected to an outdoor rooftop deck with a swimming pool. The latest renderings of the hotel are posted above.

Construction of the hotel, which replaces proponent Evergreen Property Group’s approved plans for a 33-unit residential building with 4,440 square feet of ground-floor retail at 248 Dorchester Avenue, is anticipated to commence in the fourth quarter of 2018, with completion anticipated in the third quarter of 2020. The proponent has filed plans for the proposed hotel with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), who is now reviewing the project.

- Aug 22, 2017

Equity Residential acquires Girard apartments in South End from New Atlantic Development for $116.4 million

Nationwide real estate developer and investor Equity Residential has acquired the long-term leasehold for the newly built Girard apartments, a 160-unit luxury apartment building in Boston’s South End with 3,600 square feet of ground-floor retail, for $116.4 million in cash from developer New Atlantic Development. Girard opened in 2016 and is situated in the South End’s culturally-rich SoWA neighborhood. Amenities include on-site garage parking, a Wi-Fi Workbar, meeting rooms, top-floor and rooftop common areas and a fitness center. Southern Proper, a new Southern-influenced restaurant led by Chef Jason Cheek, is expected to open on Girard’s ground floor in the coming months. New Atlantic Development acquired the 99-year long-term leasehold on the 1.27-acre Girard site for $2,678,292.11 in December 2014 from The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, and invested $62 million in Girard’s development.

Artists for Humanity Expansion
- Jul 17, 2017

Artists for Humanity breaks ground on South Boston headquarters expansion

A groundbreaking ceremony for Artists for Humanity’s 30,000-square-foot expansion of its’ South Boston headquarters was held last Thursday (July 13th). The expansion will allow Artists for Humanity, a national leader in youth arts enterprise whose mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing under-resourced urban youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design, to employ over 500 teens yearly, doubling the organization's current employment capability. Boston's first energy-positive building, Artists for Humanity’s expansion wing will be located adjacent to its’ existing 23,500-square-foot South Boston headquarters and will feature new studio, gallery and event space. The expansion will also contain the Liberty Mutual Career Center, a new initiative that will provide youth with skills necessary to succeed in building trades. The expansion will also allow Artists for Humanity to open a new community maker space and store. The following is a photograph from Artists for Humanity’s groundbreaking ceremony last Thursday:

248 Dorchester Avenue
- Jul 04, 2017

New eight-story hotel proposed at site of approved South Boston residential development

Developer Evergreen Property Group proposes to construct a new eight-story, 159-room boutique hotel at 248 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston, the site of an approved six-story, 33-unit residential building the developer had previously planned to construct. The new hotel would contain 86,000 square feet of space, in contrast to the residential building’s 43,650; the hotel, like the residential building, would also feature ground-floor retail.

Evergreen reportedly was prompted to change its’ project plans by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA)’s South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative, whose revised zoning allows for additional density and height along Dorchester Avenue, as well as market trends and community input. “The proposed project will provide a distinct hospitality use at a design-forward development that better activates the street frontage along Dorchester Avenue,” said Evergreen Attorney Joseph Hanley in a prepared statement.

An Enterprise Rent-A-Car location is currently located at the proposed project site. Evergreen has filed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to construct the hotel with the BPDA, who is now reviewing the project. A rendering of the approved residential building is posted above; renderings of the proposed hotel have not yet been revealed.

- May 10, 2017

Southern-influenced restaurant opening at The Girard, new South End luxury apartment building

Southern Proper, a new Southern-influenced restaurant led by Chef Jason Cheek, will open on the ground floor of The Girard, a newly-opened 160-unit luxury apartment building in the South End’s SoWA neighborhood. The new two-story restaurant would have a full liquor license and would be open until 2 AM; a 635-square-foot seasonal outdoor patio would operate between April and November until 11 PM. Inside, Southern Proper would feature both dining space and bar seating. Southern Proper’s total square footage would be 3,853 square feet.

191-195 Bowdoin Street
- Mar 19, 2017

191-195 Bowdoin Street, 41 affordable apartments with retail, approved in Dorchester

191-195 Bowdoin Street, a new 4-story building featuring 41 affordable apartments with 6,057 square feet of ground-floor retail, was approved at last Thursday (March 16th)’s Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board Meeting. Retail could be occupied by the Dorchester Community Food Co-op, a grassroots initiative to create a community and worker-owned grocery store. Construction of 191-195 Bowdoin Street is expected to commence in 2018.

191-195 Bowdoin Street
- Jan 23, 2017

41 affordable apartments proposed in Dorchester

Viet-AID proposes to construct a new mixed-use building at 191-195 Bowdoin Street in Dorchester's Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood featuring 41 affordable residential apartments and ground-floor retail. Plans for the project have been filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA). 191-195 Bowdoin Street is now under official review.

Bentley Multipurpose Arena
- Dec 11, 2016

Welch completes grading at Bentley Multipurpose Arena

The Welch Corporation has completed grading work for Bentley University’s upcoming Multipurpose Arena in Waltham, with utility installation and earth backfilling complete. A new road will now be paved through the site, and water will be pumped to drain any puddles and sitting mud on site. Concrete foundation pouring will commence imminently to prepare the site for construction of the arena building. The following are photographs of The Welch Corporation at work at the Bentley Multipurpose Arena site:

Welch Bentley Photos

Bentley Multipurpose Arena
- Nov 08, 2016

Welch installs drainage at Bentley Multipurpose Arena

The Welch Corporation has completed installation of temporary electrical systems at Bentley Multipurpose Arena and is now constructing the Arena’s drainage system. Concrete drainage pipes are being installed in trenches excavated by the Welch Corporation team. The new 75,000 square foot multipurpose sports arena will open in early 2018. The arena will be home to Bentley's NCAA Division 1 hockey team and host seminars, concerts and guest speakers. The following are photographs of the Bentley Multipurpose Arena construction site:

Welch at Bentley

Bentley Multipurpose Arena
- Sep 19, 2016

The Welch Corporation breaks ground on Bentley Multipurpose Arena

The Welch Corporation has broken ground on Bentley University's new 75,000 square foot multipurpose sports arena. Located on Bentley's South Campus in Waltham, the arena will be the home of Bentley's NCAA Division 1 hockey team and host seminars, concerts and guest speakers. The arena will have 2,000 fixed seats, with a maximum capacity of 3,400 people. Initial site work is well underway, with The Welch Corporation installing temporary electrical systems and preparing the site for construction of the arena's foundation. Bentley's new arena is anticipated to open in early 2018. The following are photographs of The Welch Corporation at work on the Bentley Multipurpose Arena site:

Bentley Arena Photos

- Sep 09, 2016

The Girard, opening early fall and now leasing, is nearly complete

The exterior shell of The Girard is completely sealed, with windows installed and finish panels covering just about the entire exterior. The Girard features 160 luxury apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms, nearly all of which are finished and ready for move-in. Apartments are now leasing; visit GirardBoston.com for more information. Resident amenities at The Girard will include a two-story lobby, an art gallery, meeting rooms and a fitness center.

Raw space of The Girard’s ground-floor retail is complete. Finishing touches are being put on the entrance to The Girard’s two-level underground parking garage, which will contain 162 spaces. The following are exterior photographs of The Girard:


The following are photographs showing a completed two-bedroom unit at The Girard, courtesy Nickerson PR:


- Jun 06, 2016

New name for 600 Harrison Avenue, installation of exterior finishes begins

Installation of exterior finish panels has begun at The Girard, located at 600 Harrison Avenue in the South End. Grey brick finishes have been installed along much of the building's ground floor. Installation of windows, purple moisture and mold-resistant sheathing and silver fireproofing is just about complete. Brown cladding fastening system panels are being installed over the fireproofing; these panels are being used to install exterior finish panels.

View of The Girard from Harrison Avenue towards Malden Street

View of The Girard along Malden Street from Harrison Avenue

View of fireproofing and windows on The Girard's facade along Malden Street

View of windows, fireproofing and cladding fastening system panels on The Girard's facade along Malden Street

View of grey brick finishes on The Girard's facade along Malden Street

The wall at The Girard’s eastern end is almost fully covered with exterior finish panels. These panels are being hoisted into position with a system of pulleys anchored at the roof line.

View of exterior finish panel installation underway at the Albany Street end of The Girard

View of exterior finishes at The Girard from Saint Helena's Park

Close-up view of pulleys used to install exterior finishes at The Girard

The Girard is located in a lively area of Boston’s South End that is seeing significant development. Another large mixed-use project nearby, 345 Harrison Avenue, recently broke ground. A number of other projects are recently completed, under construction and approved.

View of The Girard from Wareham Street

View of The Girard from the SoWA Open Market

Pre-leasing at The Girard has begun, visit GirardBoston.com for more information. Additional information about The Girard is posted below.

Artists for Humanity Expansion
- Apr 26, 2016

Artists for Humanity Expansion moves forward with aerogel donation

The Artists for Humanity Expansion is moving forward with Cabot Corporation's donation of $400,000 worth of insulating aerogel. The donated aerogel will play a important role in making the Artists for Humanity Expansion Boston's first energy-positive building; upon completion, the building will generate more energy than it will use.

The donated aerogel will be used to construct the Artists for Humanity Expansion's insulated glass daylighting system. The aerogel will be used to glaze units of glass which will in turn be installed along the building's facade.

The aerogel-insulated glass will maximize the Artists for Humanity Expansion's thermal performance, contributing positively to the building's energy production. The glass will also help bring increased natural light to the building.

More information about the Artists for Humanity Expansion is posted below.

- Mar 21, 2016

600 Harrison Avenue tops off

600 Harrison Avenue is topped off, and windows are installed along much of the building’s frame. Exterior finishes will follow shortly; the frame is being coated with Carlisle 705FR-A fire proofing (silver) over National Gypsum moisture and mold-resistant sheathing (purple). Sheathing has been nearly fully installed. It appears exterior finishes are about to be installed at the Albany Street end of the building, where installation of the cladding fastening system (brown panels and red-topped fasteners) over the fire proofing has begun!

600 Harrison Avenue’s distinctive frame is becoming a significant feature along rapidly-developing Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End. We are looking forward to watching installation of exterior finishes! 600 Harrison Avenue will contain 160 apartments and approximately 3,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space.


View of 600 Harrison Avenue at corner of Harrison Avenue and Malden Street


View of 600 Harrison Avenue along Malden Street


View of 600 Harrison Avenue at Malden Street end, where cladding fastening system installation has begun


New windows delivered to 600 Harrison Avenue


View of window lifted for installation at 600 Harrison Avenue


View of window lifted for installation at 600 Harrison Avenue


View of windows installed at 600 Harrison Avenue


View of 600 Harrison Avenue facing Saint Helena's House

Feb 16, 2016

600 Harrison nears top-off, installation of fire proofing and windows begins

600 Harrison Avenue is nearly topped off. Installation of fire proofing is beginning at the Albany Street end of the building as moisture and mold-resistant sheathing is installed along the sides; sheathing has been installed underneath all fire proofing. Installation of windows is beginning along the bottom of the building following installation of fire proofing.




- Jan 05, 2016

Installation of sheathing begins at 600 Harrison Avenue

600 Harrison Avenue's frame has risen significantly. The final building will be six stories tall. The building’s distinctive architecture is taking shape. Installation of moisture and mold-resistant sheathing has begun along the bottom of the building.



- Nov 30, 2015

Frame construction starts at 600 Harrison Avenue

Significant progress has been made on 600 Harrison Avenue by Consigli Construction! The building continues to rise; Utile’s design calls for 600 Harrison Avenue to be six stories tall. On our recent site visit, we were thoroughly impressed by the hard work and attention to detail actively being put into 600 Harrison Avenue’s construction by the Consigli team. Keep up the great work! We look forward to continuing to watch Consigli build what is sure to be a transformative development project for the SoWA District.


Oct 9, 2015

Frame construction about to start at 600 Harrison Avenue

We are excited for 600 Harrison Avenue’s frame to begin to rise on the building’s new foundation! An AmQuip crane is parked on site, presumably to begin loading frame construction materials onto the construction site.

- Sep 18, 2015

Foundation work moving forward at 600 Harrison Avenue

Construction at 600 Harrison Avenue in Boston's South End's SoWA District is progressing swiftly. The building’s underground parking structure has been excavated, and the foundation has been nearly fully installed. Concrete is being poured along the foundation.


26 West Broadway
- Apr 30, 2015

Construction on 26 West Broadway is almost complete, and the building is currently leasing units. Check out the project's elegant new website at http://www.26westbroadway.com/#intro. Also, last month a hip new restaurant, Moonshine 152, opened just down Dorchester Avenue from 26 West Broadway. Open until 2AM to raving reviews, Moonshine 152 plays a key role in Boston's growing late night scene.

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