Meet Your EV Infrastructure Needs with MassEVIP and Aldon Electric, Inc. 02/08/24

Meet Your EV Infrastructure Needs with MassEVIP and Aldon Electric, Inc.

As Massachusetts propels itself toward a more sustainable future, the indispensable role of electric vehicles (EVs) becomes paramount. The Commonwealth has been actively championing the widespread adoption of EVs and has implemented a range of measures aimed at fostering the development of charging infrastructure. By the commencement of 2024, more than 330 cities and towns in Massachusetts had adopted Stretch and Specialized Building Code, a framework designed to achieve elevated energy savings and propel environmental initiatives. To do so, this code imposes rigorous EV infrastructure requirements on both new and existing construction.

Massachusetts Building Energy Code Adoption by Municipality

In 2013, the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP) was introduced as a state-driven initiative, offering financial incentives to stimulate the adoption of EVs and the expansion of charging infrastructure. The program, overseen by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), has experienced substantial growth since its inception. It currently provides a more extensive array of incentives, rebates, and grants for charging infrastructure than ever before. This proactive stance by MassEVIP serves as a significant advantage for developers and General Contractors; offering financial support and incentives, MassEVIP encourages these key players in construction to remain code compliant by actively contributing to the state's sustainability goals and evolving environmental standards. Learn which incentives are available to you:

Aldon Electric, Inc. is prepared to provide comprehensive guidance for every facet of your electric vehicle (EV) project, guaranteeing a smooth and customized experience. Understanding and navigating the intricacies of incentive programs can be challenging. Our team is adept in these programs and can aid in securing funding to capitalize on financial support offered by MassEVIP for your EV endeavor. To initiate your EV project, click on the advertisement below or contact us for an inquiry. Rely on Aldon Electric, Inc. as your trusted partner in developing sustainable and efficient charging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.