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JM Electrical Company, Inc.

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JM Electrical Co., Inc. was established over 30 years ago by Paul A. Guarracino who wanted to provide the highest level of quality service to the commercial electrical contracting market. Over the years, this commitment to service along with highly experienced and dedicated personnel has allowed our company to grow its customer base and make significant contributions to major projects in the Greater Boston area.

Today, JM Electrical enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in installing building automation systems and HVAC controls. JM Electrical possesses the technical expertise to assist our customers in executing all projects from selection to installation of the most sophisticated and cost-effective building management systems.


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JM Electrical Company, Inc. Overview

Address: 471 Broadway
# of Projects: 20,000
Area of Work: Boston, Malden, Newton, and Cambridge
Work in Sectors: Lab, Office, Retail, Housing, Parking, Athletic, Healthcare, Restaurant, Educational, and Hotel/Lodging
Established: 1985

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Latest News 4

May 12, 2023

New Phasing Approved for Black Falcon Redevelopment


May 02, 2023

Core in Place for 60 Guest Street in Brighton


Apr 21, 2023

Updated Phasing Planned for 88 Black Falcon Redevelopment


Oct 03, 2022

$100 Million+ Construction Permit Secured for Boston Landing Labs


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JM Electrical Company, Inc.'s Recent Projects

1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02142
370 Summer Street, Boston, MA, 02210
140 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA, 02467
140 Guest Street, Boston, MA, 02135
100 Causeway Street, Boston, MA, 02114
88 Black Falcon Avenue, Boston, MA, 02210


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